Our breakers

DIRUPTOR is a French manufacturer of thermal, magnetothermal and pure magnetic circuit breakers.

Distributed under the DIRUPTOR brand name for more than 65 years. Production according to projects: from unit to great series. The biggest principals, throughout the world, have trusted us during all these years.

Our circuit breakers ensure the line and equipment protection.

DIRUPTOR circuit breakers can have two types of functions (PROTECTION or SIGNALIZATION)

Protective circuit breaker

To ensure protection against short circuits (magnetic protection) and also to ensure electrical overload protection (thermal protection).

Signal circuit breaker

To notify an electrical malfunction within a bay, panel or rack. It allows technicians to visualize unintentional tripping or abnormalities in the electrical circuit.


Our certifications

  • NF F62-001 (circuit breaker for railway rolling stock)
  • Compliance with the standard EN 60934 (circuit breaker for equipment)
  • UL 1077 (applications allowing the use of protection internal electrical equipment)
  • Fire and smoke (I2 – F3) according to standards NF F 16101 / NF F 16102.
    (HL1 – HL2 – HL3 – R22 – R23) according to standard EN 45545-2.

Mounting and fixing

  • Circuit breakers Flush-mounting
  • Circuit breakers plug-in
  • Circuit breakers pluggable
  • Circuit breakers snap on
  • Circuit breakers push-push
  • Circuit breakers flush-mounting threaded collar for mounting on front face
  • Circuit breakers snap on DIN symetrical rail
  • Circuit breakers snap on DIN asymetrical rail
  • Circuit breakers plug-in base for printed circuit / boards / PCB


DIRUPTOR circuit breakers can be equipped with several options, including auxiliary contacts (concordant, discordant or reverser).

A circuit breaker with auxiliary contacts allows to indicate via a light signal, malfunction in a distribution bay, an electrical panel, a live installation

These luminous indicators are indispensable in excessive, severe, rigorous and extreme environments.

Our lines of business

Rail and road transportation, Maritime, Telecommunications, aviation, Space and armament, Energy, Automotive industry, Distribution, Oil, Nuclear, etc.

Geographic sales areas

Our Diruptor circuit breakers are sold in France, Europe and also internationally. (circuit breaker customs code: 8536201090)